Smile Makeover

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Michael Weiss, US figure skater and patient of Dr. Michael Chung

You may have seen programs on television about smile makeovers, as they have become so popular in recent years. Each smile makeover is one of a kind, because each of us has our own teeth, smile, facial structure and coloring.

Northern Virginia cosmetic dentist Dr. Chung enjoys doing smile makeovers because of the excitement it gives our patients to see such a transformation in their personal appearance. Start planning your new look by calling Softouch Dental Care at 703-319-6990 today.

Your Smile Makeover Plan

A smile makeover is planned ahead of time. You can choose from many possible procedures, having just one or two, or as many as needed to complete the effect you’d like to achieve. This will all be discussed between you and Dr. Chung. You could look at before and after smile makeover photos for each procedure, and Dr. Chung would explain how each one is done.

A timeframe would be decided upon and the order in which procedures would be done. Here are some of the smile makeover procedures you can choose from:

Tooth Whitening First

A tooth whitening procedure by itself is almost as dramatic as a full smile makeover. But as part of a series of treatments, it is best done first.

Why? Because porcelain do not respond to tooth whitening agents. So, if you want to include any porcelain restorations in your makeover, whiten your teeth first. Then Dr. Chung can match the porcelain to your new bright color.

“As a result of my smile makeover, I receive compliments on my smile all the time!” - Alyson

Customizing Your Cosmetic Treatment

Your smile makeover can include many procedures, so we will work with you to fit it all into your budget. We offer financing options because cost should never interfere with the beauty of your smile. For those who qualify, there are no-interest or low-interest loans, no down payment, and long loan periods.

We believe in patient education, and our cosmetic dentist will be glad to answer your questions about the smile makeover process. Get started with an initial cosmetic consultation at our office in Oakton, Virginia: 703-319-6990. We welcome patients from nearby communities including Reston, Vienna, Fairfax, McLean and Arlington, as well as the Washington, D.C. area.