Porcelain Tooth Crowns

LVI-Trained Dentist Serving Oakton, Vienna, McLean and Nearby Northern Virginia

Softouch Dental Care has been offering beautiful porcelain tooth crowns to our Northern Virginia guests for many years. You probably know that teeth crowns can be made from gold alloy, and even from other metal alloys. But we offer pearly-white all-porcelain tooth crowns as cosmetically and functionally the best solution for severely decayed or damaged teeth.

When Do I Need a Crown?

When a tooth has decay only in the visible portion above the gumline, a filling will not be enough to correct it. A crown can be used to cover the tooth entirely. It will preserve it and prolong its life.

If decay has extended into the tooth’s root, endodontic treatment may also be needed. When a tooth is missing altogether, a dental implant can supply an artificial root, with a porcelain crown, dental bridge or denture attached to provide a new tooth.

A dental crown is permanently cemented to the tooth and gives it an entire new surface and shape. Teeth crowns can be placed over any tooth, back or front. Sometimes they are a good solution for a large metal filling which has become old and threatens to crack the tooth. That filling can be removed and a porcelain crown placed over the tooth to strengthen and preserve it.

How Teeth Crowns Are Done

Once the decision is made between you and Dr. Chung that a dental crown is the best option, you will need to come for two visits.

First Dental Crown Visit

  • After settling you comfortably and numbing the area, Dr. Chung will remove all decayed and damaged tissue, along with all bacteria and debris. He will trim the tooth to a size and shape to best support the crown to be placed over it. Then he will take an impression of it to be sent to the laboratory which will craft your porcelain tooth crown from this model.
  • Dr. Chung will also choose the shade of porcelain to be used by using a shade guide against your natural teeth to most closely match their color. His LVI training comes into play here since working with porcelain has an artistic aspect, an approach not taught in traditional dental schools.
  • While you wait the week or two for your crown to be ready, you can have a temporary tooth crown protecting your tooth. This will be made of a plastic material and held in place with temporary cement. Dr. Chung will tell you how best to care for it.

Second Dental Crown Visit

  • After you are again comfortably settled with neck support, blanket, headphones, or whichever amenities you prefer, and the treatment area is satisfactorily numb, Dr. Chung will remove the temporary crown. He’ll examine your new porcelain tooth crown and try it on for fit. It must work well for your bite, not rubbing against other teeth or causing any discomfort when your upper and lower teeth come together. He will slightly adjust its shape or size if necessary. When you and he are both agreed that it fits well, he will cement it permanently in place.
  • You now have a new tooth, with a new lifespan ahead of it. Give it good daily brushing and flossing, to make sure that bacteria can’t get underneath it. An all-porcelain tooth crown these days is as strong as any other kind, and far more attractive. Your new tooth crown should last you at least ten years, even twenty or thirty, if you care for it well.

All of us here believe that an educated patient is the best kind, and we will always take time to answer your teeth crown questions and explain how things work. Please give us a call 703-319-6990 or email Softouch Dental Care if you would like to schedule an initial cosmetic dentistry consultation. Our office in Oakton serves patients throughout Northern Virginia, including Vienna, McLean, Great Falls, Tysons Corner, Reston, Arlington, Herndon, Fairfax, Falls Church, Chantilly, and Centreville, as well as the Washington D.C. area.