Sedation Dentistry

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Some people have a good reason for dental anxiety, and perhaps you are one of them. Perhaps you had a bad experience in a past dental visit, or perhaps your teeth are extra-sensitive to heat, cold, or pain.

Experienced sedation dentist Dr. Chung has sympathy for that anxiety, and we have designed our offices to be as comfortable and welcoming as possible. You can read about the amenities we offer on the About Softouch Dental Care page. For more information about our sedation services in Northern Virginia, please call 703-319-6990.

Your comfort and satisfaction with your visit are our top priority. All our team members will treat you as our honored guest, as indeed you are. So that we can spend plenty of quality time with you, we see only two, perhaps three, guests each day.

Dr. Chung and his whole team are great believers in education, in explaining exactly what dental procedures you are having, why, and what to expect from them. We will always take time to answer questions. Before he begins any sedation dentistry procedure, Dr. Chung will always make sure that you are a suitable candidate, agree to have it, and that you know what its purpose is.

Oral Sedation

In addition to generous amounts of local anesthetic, we offer oral sedation as a way to help you relax and let go of worry. We would give you the medication when you arrive, and let you relax for a short while to let it take full effect. Our chairs are comfortable, we have warm blankets, neck support pillows, and a refreshment bar for your use.

It will give you a calm and drowsy feeling so that you'll be able to respond when asked to do something like turn your head a little to the right, but your worries will be dissolved and gone. You can choose to have several procedures done in the same visit, because Dr. Chung will be able to work more quickly and efficiently when you are relaxed.

For example, you might like to get some dental bonding done to correct a few small defects, followed by laser tooth recontouring to give your smile a more full and the balanced look, and finally the preparation work for a porcelain crown. That's just an example, and, of course, your particular procedures will be discussed and planned beforehand.

After your procedures are complete, you would need someone to drive you home, as you would be unsafe trying to drive yourself. The oral sedative will wear off gradually.

Nitrous Oxide

If you prefer, nitrous oxide can be administered via a mask placed over your nose. It's a gas, popularly known as laughing gas, because it gives you a light feeling, free of worry.

Unlike oral sedation, which must be given before proceedings start, nitrous oxide is begun when you are comfortably settled in your dental chair. It takes effect very quickly. It is administered continuously through the mask, and when Dr. Chung has finished your procedure and the mask is removed, the effects of the nitrous oxide will wear off in a few minutes. That means you can drive yourself home.

A Relaxing Visit to the Dentist

We have all the patience in the world for anyone who dreads dental visits. Please rest assured that we will welcome you and work to help you relax from the moment you arrive at our office. Sometimes a person needs more local anesthetic after their dental work has started. If you feel any sensitivity at all, Dr. Chung will stop immediately and give you more anesthetic. We have no desire to create discomfort for anybody; quite the opposite.

Please see the patient testimonials some of our previous guests have given about their experience here. When you feel ready, please call Softouch Dental Care at 703-319-6990 to arrange an initial consultation with sedation dentist Dr. Chung. This initial appointment will give you more idea of how we operate and let you experience our welcoming environment. We hope to meet with you soon.

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