New Teeth in One Day

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Dr. Michael Chung looks at photos with a patient during a consultation

If you are tired of wearing dentures or suffering with teeth so broken down that you have difficulty chewing, Dr. Chung may be able to give you new, stable teeth in one day using Teeth in One Day, a comfortable and minimally invasive procedure. It’s the modern alternative to dentures.

What Is Teeth in One Day?

It’s a revolutionary dental implant technique that uses advanced mechanics to stably support a full mouth of teeth with just four implants. This advanced technique allows many of our patients to say goodbye to dentures for good.

How Does Teeth in One Day Work?

The first step in the procedure is a 3D dental CT scan. With this scan, Dr. Chung can find the densest areas of bone in the jaw and plan the implant placement. Most patients don’t need any bone grafting, which traditional dental implants require.

Using the CT scan, Dr. Chung meticulously plans the treatment ahead of time and creates a surgical guide, so that on the day of surgery, the implants are inserted without any cutting or suturing needed, making the treatment minimally invasive. Any tooth extractions that are needed are done at the same time as the implant insertion. Post-surgery discomfort is minimal.

Dr. Chung fits patients with high-grade, fully functioning teeth while the final teeth are fabricated. The teeth are made out of a very life-like acrylic, or a combination of aesthetic porcelain for the top arch and acrylic for the hard-biting lower arch.

Teeth in One Day treatment steps infographic

Benefits of Teeth in One Day

Teeth in One Day provides many benefits to our Virginia area patients. Even patients who have very low bone volume can benefit from the Teeth in One Day procedure. Advantages include:

  • No need to remove your dentures ever again
  • No more denture sores
  • No more denture pain
  • 98% of full chewing power
  • Eat whatever you want
  • No more adhesives
  • No artificial palate covering the roof of your mouth
  • No more putting you teeth in a glass at night
  • Permanent teeth in one day
  • Minimally invasive procedure
  • Cost effective

Are you tired of dealing with dentures? Find out if Teeth in One Day is the right tooth replacement option for you. Call Softouch Dental Care today at 703-319-6990 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Michael Chung. 

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