Are Your Oral Piercings Hurting Your Oral Health?

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Cosmetic procedure for piercing the tongue.jpgDo you have an oral piercing? Or are you just thinking about getting one? Piercings in the cheek, lip, and tongue are very popular now, but you should know that they can cause damage to your oral health. Read on for dangers to watch out for and special care you should take if you have (or want) an oral piercing.

The Health Risks of Oral Piercings

When you have an oral piercing, you should pay special attention to your teeth and gums to make sure they aren’t being harmed. Be on the lookout for:

  • Damaged teeth. If your piercing constantly comes into contact with your teeth, it can end up cracking or chipping them. This can lead to an infected tooth.
  • Gum injury. A piercing that rubs against the gums can cause them to become damaged and to start to recede.
  • Infection. Bacteria can enter the body through the piercing site. In the worst-case scenario, this bacteria can get into the bloodstream and cause damage to the heart.

How To Take Care of Your Piercing

The most important tip when you have an oral piercing is to keep it clean. It is more important than ever to brush twice a day and floss thoroughly. You should also make sure to visit your dentist at least twice a year for your cleaning and checkup, so that he or she can check for any damage from your piercing. Also:

  • Don’t use tobacco products. These can increase the risk of infection.
  • Don’t put nonfood items in your mouth. Chewing on pens and pencils or using your teeth to open a package is a way for bacteria to get into your mouth and into your piercing.
  • Don’t play with your piercing. You should also take your piercing out if you are going to play a sport or be involved in some activity where it might get pulled or torn out.

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