TMD Diagnosis

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Diagnosing TMJ Disorder Arlington VA | Softouch Dental CareMany people who come to us with TMD symptoms have had those symptoms for a long time. They have often been to one or more doctors in search of pain relief and have taken one or more pain medications. A painkiller is helpful for the time it lasts, but it doesn’t get to the cause of the problem.\

In many cases, neuromuscular dentistry provides a solution to the pain of temporomandibular joint dysfunction.

Many TMD symptoms can arise from health conditions other than a misaligned jaw joint. But if you have been suffering from any of these painful symptoms and wonder if they could have a dental cause, please contact Softouch Dental Care by calling 703-319-6990 to schedule your initial consultation. It would be worthwhile ruling out TMD.

If Dr. Chung determines that you do not have TMD, you have made progress in your search for the cause. If he determines that you do have TMD, your search is ended and pain relief is at hand.

K7 Evaluation System

As a highly-qualified neuromuscular dentist, Dr. Chung has invested in sophisticated equipment for diagnosing and treating TMJ. We can use the K7 System to obtain the following data, essential for diagnosing TMD:

  • Data on your jaw movements – a misaligned jaw joint will move the mandible (lower jaw) in an uncomfortable or painful way, such that the upper and lower teeth do not come together smoothly. The K7 system tracks and records your jaw movements.
  • Data on your jaw muscle activity – if you have TMD, your jaw muscles are in perpetual stress and their electrical activity can be measured and recorded using electrodes.
  • Data on your jaw joint sounds – one of the TMD symptoms is jaw joint cracking or popping sounds. The K7 System will record the sounds as your lower jaw moves, so that we can better understand how the ball on the lower jaw is moving in the upper jaw socket. There is a cartilage pad in between the two bone surfaces which prevents them from rubbing directly against each other. It could be out of position.

All these data can be printed out in an understandable series of graphs and charts. Dr. Chung will go over your results with you to explain what it all means.

Computed Tomography (CT Scans)

Another diagnostic tool Dr. Chung uses is our tomography machine, which makes digital images of the jaw joint and its related structures. This gives us more data about how the lower and upper jaw bones are positioned in relation to each other.

Utilizing the highest quality technology, Dr. Chung can provide TMD diagnosis as well as treatment for patients in Oakton, Fairfax, Arlington, Vienna, Tysons Corner, Reston, and other areas of Northern Virginia. If you have symptoms that may be caused by Washington D.C. TMD, contact us today at 703-319-6990.