Sedation Dentistry Questions

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Why choose sedation dentistry?

What Is Sedation Dentistry? | Sleep Dentist in N. VASome people are satisfied with the use of a local anesthetic alone for dental work. Sedation dentistry provides an alternative if you have a dental phobia or medical condition that prohibits your ability to relax. Both oral sedation and nitrous oxide are safe and effective techniques. Your dental procedure will be easier for you and Dr. Chung if you are comfortable.

What is involved in the dental sedation process?

Different techniques are used in sedation dentistry, including nitrous oxide and taking a pill, also known as oral sedation. You will feel a tension release, allowing the jaw muscles loosen and the mind to quiet. These techniques are sometimes referred to as sleep dentistry because of the deep relaxation associated with them, but you will be alert and able to communicate with our dental team.

How will I feel after oral sedation?

Oral sedation results in a slight amnesia so it is easy to feel as if hardly any time has passed. You may remember very little of your time spent in the procedure. Complex dentistry procedures sometimes use sedation for this reason.

After the treatment you may also experience:

  • Dry mouth
  • Post-operative soreness (lessened by the more relaxed you are)
  • Drowsiness that will fade after a few hours

Will sedation medication interact with my current prescription medication?

We will discuss your individual medical history to anticipate any interaction prior to performing any form of sedation. Be sure to inform us of any nutritional and herbal supplements you may be taking as well.

Sedation can cause your current medication to have different results. Interaction between drugs can cause an increase, decrease or normally unassociated effect.

The American Dental Association requires specialized training in sedation techniques. Learn more about Dr. Chung's background and how sedation may be able to benefit you. Our office in Oakton, Virginia, serves patients throughout the Northern part of the state, including Vienna, Fairfax and the Washington DC area. Call 703-319-6990 to schedule an appointment.