Headaches and TMJ

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Headache Pain and TMJ Relief Reston VA | Softouch Dental CareHeadaches are one of the most common and problematic TMD symptoms. A headache caused by temporomandibular joint disorder is normally a tension type of headache.

A tension headache is sometimes described as what it feels like to wear a hat that is two or three sizes too small. When the temporomandibular joint is malfunctioning, it can lead to these terrible tension headaches that a neuromuscular dentist like Dr. Michael Chung at Softouch Dental Care can diagnose and treat. If you're suffering pain in the head, face, neck or jaw and you suspect TMJ disorder is to blame, call 703-319-6990 today for a free evaluation.

Why Does TMD/TMJ Cause Headaches?

There are a few reasons that TMJ disorders cause tension headaches. When your muscles are constantly contracting due to a misaligned jaw joint, the muscle fibers grow and create tension or pressure in the face, neck, jaw and shoulders. The tension restricts the blood flow to the region. The body, in turn, sends more blood, and this increases blood pressure in the head and can cause these tension headaches. Also, when you grind your teeth, which is another symptom of TMD, the muscles are made tense and get worn out, which can lead to headaches.

Often, these headaches are so intense and frequent that they are misdiagnosed as migraines. Pain medication may relieve pain temporarily, but it will never get to the source of the problem.

How Can a Dentist Treat Headaches?

Dr. Michael Chung can start to fix your problems by putting the temporomandibular joint back into its proper alignment. The muscles around your jaw will be more relaxed and feel better. By treating the causes of TMD, Dr. Chung will be able to relieve the pain of your headaches.

These headaches can be blocked with medication or physical therapy, along with psychological therapy to relax and retrain the muscles, but the source of the problem caused by the bad bite that led to the bad joints will remain. The only real way to fix the problem is to go to a neuromuscular dentist and have your jaw and its joints realigned and put in their optimal position. This will lead to less stress in your jaw, and less stress in your life.

If you think you may be suffering from TMD/TMJ-related tension headaches, please call Softouch Dental Care at 703-319-6990. Your best course of action will be determined by Northern Virginia dentist Dr. Chung. We provide neuromuscular dentistry treatment to patients in the Oakton, McLean, Vienna and Fairfax areas of Northern Virginia.