Put Your Summer Smile Smarts to the Test

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You take good care of your smile. From scheduling regular dental appointments to investing in cosmetic work like veneers, you try to do what’s best for your teeth and gums. 

Don’t let some summer fun throw you off track. These questions will teach you how to avoid warm-weather risks to your oral health. 


Can Summer Activities Lead to a Dental Emergency?

Chipping a tooth or damaging a dental restoration is the last thing on your mind when completing your summer bucket list. However, many seasonal activities have the potential to cause dental trauma. These activities include rollerblading and jumping on a trampoline. 

To protect your smile, consider wearing a mouthguard during recreational sports that could cause a mouth injury. If you have children, think about getting them a mouthguard as well. 

Are Sports Drinks Bad For Your Teeth?

Staying active in the summer means working up a sweat. You might be tempted to rehydrate with an ice-cold sports drink after completing your exercise routine or conquering a difficult hike. 

The problem is that many leading electrolyte beverages contain high amounts of sugar, which can erode your tooth enamel. Reach for water instead to safeguard your stunning smile. 

Should I Visit the Dentist Before I Travel?

There’s nothing worse than spending your vacation with a sore tooth or a loose dental crown. So how do you avoid a dental emergency while you’re away? Schedule a pre-travel checkup with our dentist to spot any problems before they happen. 

Routine dental visits can give you peace of mind by letting you know where your oral health stands. A good cleaning can also help your teeth look a bit brighter and whiter. You’ll be glad you booked a visit when you’re looking back on all of your travel photos!

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