How Do You Calm A TMJ Flare-Up?

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Woman experiencing TMJ flare-upTemporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder is a complex problem. The pain and discomfort associated with this condition may not be the same every day. Many people find that their TMD symptoms get better and then come back. It is also common to have TMJ flare-ups.

A TMJ flare-up is characterized by new or worsening TMD symptoms. It can be triggered by certain behaviors and habits. Keep reading for a list of common triggers and pain relief tips.

Common TMJ Pain Triggers

A few leading TMJ triggers include:

  • Stress
  • Teeth grinding
  • Hard or chewy foods
  • Sleeping on your stomach
  • Poor posture

Learning to recognize and address your triggers can help you avoid TMJ flare-ups. It can also help minimize their duration and severity.

Ways to Ease TMJ Pain

The best way to address your TMJ flare-up is to visit a neuromuscular dentist. During your initial appointment at Softouch Dental Care in Oakton, Dr. Michael Chung will use a TENS unit to help your jaw muscles relax. This should provide some immediate relief. Then, he will develop an ongoing treatment plan that may include dental work, an orthotic device, physical therapy, and pain medication.

While seeking help from a TMD specialist is ideal, there are things that you can do at home to find temporary relief from your symptoms, such as:

  • Managing your stress
  • Wearing a nightguard if you suffer from bruxism
  • Applying heat or ice to the afflicted area
  • Avoiding foods that overwork your jaw
  • Avoiding resting your head on your chin
  • Sleeping on your back

“I had a cross bite and a severe bite misalignment that was causing TMJ. I suffered from chronic neck and jaw pain and was prone to headaches once or twice a week… Thanks to Dr. Chung and the entire Softouch family, I feel confident and smile often. I am surprisingly free of neck and jaw pain [and] chronic headaches.” -Patient Review

Get Help from Our Oakton TMJ Dentist

Dr. Michael Chung has received advanced TMJ training. He can treat your disorder and alleviate your painful symptoms. An experienced neuromuscular dentist, Dr. Chung takes pride in finding the right solution for each patient’s needs.

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