Dr. Chung Discusses The Link Between TMJ And Sleep Apnea With Dr. Tom Roselle

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TMJ and sleep apnea are two incredibly common conditions in Northern Virginia, and both are conditions that should be addressed immediately. However, many of those suffering from these conditions are unaware of the fact that they are often linked.

Dr. Michael Chung discussed the link between these two conditions on Dr. Tom Roselle's Radio Show November 6. You can listen to the full podcast by clicking the "play" button above or by clicking here, and you should, especially if you're suffering from sleep apnea or TMJ. Dr. Chung has always been committed to educating patients and helping them learn as much as possible about their dental health.

TMJ is caused by a mis-alignment of the joint that connects your jaw with your skull. When that joint gets out of alignment (usually as a result of mis-aligned teeth and bite), the results can be severe.

The link between TMJ and sleep apnea demonstrates the inter-connected nature of your body's systems. If your bite positions the lower jaw too far backward, the position of your tongue is also affected. In this situation, your tongue can block your airway, thus leading to obstructive sleep apnea.

As you can see, sleep apnea and TMJ pose serious dangers to your overall health. If you find yourself suffering from chronic tension headaches and frequent drowsiness, you need to see our dentists as soon as possible for diagnosis and treatment.

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