Benefits of Dental Implants

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Everyone wants to have a beautiful smile. Having a missing, chipped, or decayed tooth can leave you self-conscious, but giving your smile a makeover can remove those worries.

Restoring your smile with dental implants also has health benefits. Some of the health benefits of implant dentistry include:

  • A healthier jaw – gaps in your bite can lead to jawbone problems.
  • Stability – dental implants keep your natural teeth from shifting.
  • No cavities – implants do not get cavities. Although they do not get cavities, they still require good oral hygiene.

Aside from improved health and a beautiful smile, dental implants have these benefits:

  • Improved speech – missing teeth can distort your speech. Replacing your teeth with implants will help to restore your speech.
  • Worry-free eating – with missing or decayed teeth, or dentures comes concerns while eating. You will not need to avoid your favorite foods after getting dental implants.
  • Less upkeep – dentures need to be soaked, while dental implants do not.
  • Look – replacing missing teeth is an obvious benefit of dental implants, but what you may not know is that technological improvements make matching implants in color, size, and shape to your natural teeth much better.

If you have missing, chipped, or decayed teeth it is important that you have them treated. Left untreated, these problems can lead to more serious complications.

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