5 Things To Know Before Your Smile Makeover

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Man smiling perfect white teethMany people have at least one thing that they would like to change about their teeth. However, figuring out the right combination of dental treatments to correct those concerns can be difficult. Fortunately, a smile makeover removes the guesswork, giving you a clear path to hit your goals.

Are you interested in getting a smile makeover? Here are five important things to know first:

  1. Your plan will be completely customized: No two patients are exactly alike. That is why no two smile makeovers are exactly alike, either! Your smile makeover will only include the treatments and procedures that are needed to create your desired results. 
  2. You can fix virtually any cosmetic problems: Cosmetic dentistry can target more than just discoloration. It addresses damaged teeth, gaps between teeth, misshapen teeth, excess gum tissue, unsightly metal fillings, and a wide variety of other smile concerns.
  3. It could take several visits to achieve your goals: Some cosmetic treatments can be performed in a day. However, a smile makeover typically combines single and multi-appointment services to offer the most comprehensive aesthetic improvement. 
  4. You may be able to finance your treatment: We believe that everyone deserves to love their smile. That is why we offer financing through CareCredit and Lending Club.
  5. It is easy to maintain your beautiful results: Modern cosmetic treatments and procedures can offer a long-lasting improvement in the appearance of your smile. With good dental hygiene and regular visits to our practice, you can enjoy your results for many years to come! Remember to brush and floss every day and watch what you eat.

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