TMD Treatment

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Fairfax TMD, Dr. ChungIf Oakton dentist Dr. Chung determines that you have Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD), you will have started on your journey to pain relief.

The first step of North Virginia TMD treatment is measuring and recording your relaxed jaw position. In a person who has had TMD for some years, the lower jaw has probably not relaxed for a long time. But a permanently relaxed lower jaw is the goal of Fairfax TMJ treatment.

Once Dr. Chung knows exactly where your relaxed jaw position is, he can determine what steps will be helpful in making that position permanent. Most North Virginia TMD treatments have several components, and each treatment is customized for that person. An experienced Vienna neuromuscular dentist will determine the best treatment options for you.

Possible Components of Your TMD Treatment

  • Dental work – a misaligned jaw usually goes along with misaligned teeth. Dr. Chung will work on your bite, and probably reshape or reposition some teeth, replace any missing teeth, and maybe use some Oakton porcelain tooth crowns. The goal is to have your upper and lower teeth meet correctly, without bumping or wearing on each other.
  • An orthotic – the jaw muscles may need some retraining, to correct their habitual movements. Dr. Chung would devise a customized appliance for you to wear temporarily.
  • Physical therapy – sometimes this is helpful to relax the whole jaw area – face, neck, and shoulders – and to help you relearn how to use the muscles related to the jaw.

Pain medication would be prescribed until your pain level had dropped. TMD headaches are severe and if you’ve been suffering from those for some time, it might take a while for them to fade completely.

There could be other elements in your Oakton neuromuscular dentistry treatment plan, depending on what the cause of your TMD was. To learn more about Fairfax TMJ, its symptoms, TMD diagnosis, and treatment, please contact Softouch Dental Care to arrange for a consultation with our Vienna neuromuscular dentist. There is no need for you to suffer these painful symptoms; they can be treated effectively with neuromuscular dentistry. The first step is an initial consultation, during which Dr. Chung can start assessing your situation and begin the diagnostic and treatment process.

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