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Michael Weiss Testimonial - Dental Patient of Dr. Michael Chung - Oakton Cosmetic Dentist
Letter from Michael Weiss, Two-Time World Bronze Medalist.

Letter from Bob Denson, President & CEO of DTech Labs, Inc.

Wendy's Review of Dr. Michael Chung, Fairfax Cosmetic Dentist - Softouch Dental"I was ready for a new look and had thought about a smile makeover for some time. The only thing that held me back was finding a dentist who could satisfy my perfectionist standards for that perfect smile. I originally saw Dr. Chung’s ad in the Elan Magazine and after reading through his brochure, decided to go in for my smile consultation. From the moment I walked through the door, I was convinced that this was the place I needed to be to get what I wanted.

I had a lot of old crowns which needed to be replaced and my teeth had discolored with age. I had never had a "pain free" dental experience. In the past, I even needed to be sedated when I had my teeth cleaned so obviously, I was concerned about having all my upper teeth done at one time. Dr. Chung and his team delivered what they promised — pain free dentistry with a fabulous result. I could not be happier with my new look. It makes me feel like smiling all day long."

- Wendy

Karen's Testimonial for Washington DC Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Michael Chung - Softouch Dental Care"Many years of fear and neglect brought me to Dr. Chung and his team. What a blessing - they cater to people with high anxiety. Dr. Chung painlessly corrected my problems and restored my oral health. Once that was accomplished, another dream of mine was realized - a beautiful new smile - something I had always wanted but never thought I could achieve. I now have the smile of my dreams! What a joy to laugh and smile and not feel the least bit self-conscious. It's a constant thrill to have people compliment my beautiful smile - I couldn't be any happier with the results. I do not think of Dr. Chung as just my dentist... he and his fabulous team are more like family. In addition to being thorough professionals, they are wonderfully caring people. They are also cutting-edge when it comes to technology. If only I had discovered them sooner!"

- Karen

Star's Review of Softouch Dental Care - Vienna Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Michael Chung"I grew up in a small ranching community in Montana in the 1950s. When my parents took me to a dentist, I was told to push on my eye teeth with my thumbs in hopes of straightening them. My teeth remained crooked, so I learned to live with crooked teeth, married a foreign service officer, and lived overseas for eighteen years.

When I was 40 years old, I was teaching 8th grade at the American school in Hong Kong, and since half my students had braces, I thought it was a good time to see if something could be done about my crooked teeth. The dentist asked me if I were in the movies or the public eye, and when I told him no, he sent me away. His conclusion was that he would have to pull too many teeth, and after wearing braces there wasn't a guarantee that my teeth would stay straight.

As I aged, my teeth yellowed and the crookedness became more pronounced. I would periodically ask my dentist if there was anything to be done about my teeth, and he would always tell me that I would have to have braces for several years. I went to a dentist that specialized in invisible braces, but my teeth were too crooked for those. His advice to me at the age 60 was to get braces and put up with the inconvenience for several years.

I had opened a retail bead store in Vienna and often met fashion jewelry designers on my buying trips. I was embarrassed to smile or show my teeth when meeting new people, particularly young people. I felt that people who were meeting me for the first time were wondering why I hadn't done something about my crooked teeth.

One day I noticed Dr. Chung's sign for cosmetic dentistry in Oakton, VA. I had my teeth whitened, which was an improvement. When I returned a year later for another whitening, his assistant asked me if I would like to talk to Dr. Chung about my teeth. Dr. Chung explained the procedure, and I was astonished that my dentists had never suggested that cosmetic dentistry was possible.

I sat in the dentist chair, watched movies, and in less than a day I was on my way to beautiful new straight teeth and a new smile."

- Star

Becky's Testimonial for Oakton Dentist Dr. Michael Chung - Softouch Dental Care"I never had a reason to smile before, until I met Dr. Chung. Dr. Chung has enriched my life and provided meaning in ways I could only dream about. I have never met anyone in dentistry that is so friendly and caring like Dr. Chung and his team. They were never in a hurry to slap on a perfect smile, they wanted to make sure that my mouth was healthy so I could enjoy my new smile for a lifetime. The level of perfection and personal touch that Dr. Chung contributes is immeasurable! Dr. Chung has given me my life back and for that I am extremely grateful. Dr. Chung is truly my hero because he gave me my self confidence back through a healthy and beautiful smile! It just makes you can conquer anything with a Dr. Chung smile! THANK YOU DR. CHUNG!"

- Becky

Libby's Testimonial for TMJ Treatment by Dr. Michael Chung - Softouch Dental Care - Oakton, VA"I never had braces as a child. When my 2 teenagers started going to the orthodontist, I had my teeth checked for overcrowding and a bite that had me hitting my top and bottom teeth together in the front. The braces corrected my problems, but unlike my daughter who needed 2 surgeries to move her jaw back enough, I was lucky to barely escape that fate. Having the braces as an adult left me with gum recession. I was also self-conscious of the yellowing of my teeth and whitened my teeth on a regular basis for years.

My daughter is a hygienist for Dr. Chung and on a visit from Chapel Hill to Virginia, she suggested that Dr. Chung take a look at the condition of my gum tissue. I had a lot of spaces between my teeth where the tissue was gone and brown areas around the tops of my teeth where the gum lines were showing. I spoke with Dr. Chung about what to do about this problem because not only were my teeth in jeopardy, but my smile was far from attractive. We decided to improve my smile with porcelain veneers. Let me say that I am not a great dental patient. I barely made it through the braces. The idea of the appointments for preparing my teeth for the veneers, going back to Chapel Hill with temporaries, coming back to Virginia for the veneers, and all the X-Rays, molds, etc. involved was almost enough to scare me off.

Dr. Chung and his wonderful team made the experience surprisingly comfortable. There was no time when I felt fearful. Each step of the way, Dr. Chung was careful to explain what he was doing and continued to ask me if I was doing OK, making me feel completely at ease. I now have the beautiful and healthy smile I have always wanted. Thank you Dr. Chung and your team for a great experience and a sparkling smile!"

- Libby

Nazli's Review for Neuromuscular Dentist Dr. Michael Chung - Softouch Dental Care - Oakton, VA"Before I came to your office, I knew I needed a variety of work on my teeth. My teeth were uneven and had discolored. I also had a lot of crown work in the past which was not so great. For years, I was looking for a dentist who I could trust. After the first exam in your office and discussing what I needed, I knew that day, that I made the right choice.

I never knew that I had bite issue. No dentist ever pointed this out to me. I never knew that this bite issue was causing my life-long neck pain and headaches. So, after my neuromuscular tests and from the second day of wearing my mouth piece, amazingly my neck pain and headaches were gone! I no longer suffer from this type of pain.

I completed full-mouth rejuvenation. I had all-porcelain crowns placed on all my teeth and they were positioned to put me in the proper bite. Because of this, I am more comfortable and I love my new smile. So many people do not realize what I have done. They say, “you’ve changed, you look fresh and younger”. What have you done? I feel much more confident now."

- Nazli

Stephen's Review for TMJ Dysfunction Treatment by Dr. Michael Chung - Softouch Dental Care - Oakton, VA"I began to feel jaw pain and assumed it was stress related since I was a CPA and was going through tax season. My dentist in Chapel Hill, NC had noticed that I was wearing down my teeth…grinding at night…and had put me in a night guard. He also found at least 8 crowns that needed to be replaced. I was in Virginia visiting with my daughter, Dr. Chung's hygienist. I realized after speaking to her that he specialized in neuromuscular and TMJ pain. After my first appointment with Dr. Chung, I knew I was with the right dentist even if it meant a 4 hour drive from home to see him.

Dr. Chung recommended not replacing the crowns until he was able to line up my bite that was causing the pain. With the use of computer technology and his expertise, I was able to see, on the graph, how far out-of-line my bite was and actually out of position. By using a tensing machine, Dr. Chung was able to relax the muscles in my jaw and release the pain. I was also put in the proper mouth guards that I wore day and night for quite a while until he could see on the computer that my bite was aligned. At that point I was ready for the big decision. I had full mouth restoration. So many of the crowns had to be replaced anyway, but now they would be in the proper position. If I had replaced them before seeing Dr. Chung, I would have still been in pain with my bite being in the wrong position.

My front teeth were replaced with porcelain veneers which Dr. Chung made longer to accommodate the fact that my bite had been so far off that my teeth were too short from “wear and tear”. I was even able to look through a book of “SMILES” and choose several shapes of teeth I found to be attractive and then choose a color for my restorations. Of course, since Dr. Chung was a perfectionist and an artist, he got the final say and decided which “smile” fit best for my face. I looked at my before & after photos and I just could not believe the difference. I no longer have jaw pain and I have a handsome smile that looks extremely natural. Thank you Dr. Chung for all the compliments I get on my smile and for the professionalism you and your team showed to make my experience one that I would absolutely recommend to others."

- Stephen

Review for Vienna Dentist Dr. Michael Chung - Softouch Dental Care"We love Softouch Dental Care - we can actually say this about a dental visit! We have persevered substandard dental visits for years not realizing that a very different type of experience was just steps away. Now our dental visits actually have a "WOW" factor – every time! The boutique, spa-like environment has a welcoming feel, along with a professional and friendly team that treat you like family – not to mention the in-house movies that you can watch during your visit to help pre-occupy your mind and enhance your experience. Now, we actually look forward to all of our dental visits and schedule routine checkups every 3 months instead of the standard twice a year. Softouch Dental Care has set a new standard and is by far the most professional, enjoyable dental visit we have ever experienced!"

- David & Dalia

Ron's Review of Oakton TMJ Dentist Dr. Michael Chung - Softouch Dental Care"I was a mess. I was dental phobic, had old fillings and crowns and two broken teeth from night time grinding due to stress! To top off that list of woes, I had a cross bite and a severe bite misalignment that was causing TMJ. I suffered from chronic neck and jaw pain and was prone to headaches once or twice a week.

With the prompting of my wife, I overcame my fears of modern dentistry and attended a consultation with Dr. Chung and his team. That was January. Fast-forward to October, after realigning my bite through neuromuscular dentistry and wearing an orthotic for months, I underwent a full mouth restoration. When the permanent crowns were placed, I could not stop smiling, something I had not done in years.

Thanks to Dr. Chung and the entire Softouch family, I feel confident and smile often. I am surprisingly free of neck and jaw pain, chronic headaches and best of all, my past dental phobia does not keep me from my appointments at Softouch. Thanks Dr. Chung!"

- Ron

Testimonials for Washington DC Dentist Dr. Michael Chung - Softouch Dental Care"The experience that my husband and I have had with Dr. Chung and his team has been phenomenal. From the first visit we were treated as though they had known us for years, everyone was so pleasant and personable; they are the epitome of professionalism. Dr. Chung and his team changed my life, they gave me something that I had never had before, a beautiful smile."

- Robin & Terry

Trisha's Review of Softouch Dental Care - Washington DC Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Michael Chung"I can't believe I avoided the dentist for so long because of bad childhood experiences. If I knew it was going to be this easy, I would have done this years ago. I truly felt as if I took a nap and woke up with an amazing new smile. Now I have the smile I've always dreamed of."

- Trisha

Review for Washington DC Porcelain Veneers by Dr. Michael Chung - Softouch Dental Care"When Dr. Chung changed my whole smile, my whole attitude changed. Thank you so much. And on top of that your whole team rocks; they are the best and I appreciate all that they did."

- Fred

Kim's Review for a Smile Makeover by Dr. Michael Chung - Softouch Dental Care - Oakton, VA"I have always been the type of person that has shielded her smile whether it was in pictures or in regular conversation, all because I was really uncomfortable with how my teeth looked. In fact, I hated pictures of myself because of how bad my smile looked. My teeth were uneven, slightly crooked and were starting to yellow with age. The moment Dr. Chung completed my veneers, I couldn't stop myself from smiling and haven't stopped smiling since! It's as if someone gave me a new outlook on life ... all because I can smile with so much confidence now. It is extremely freeing!"

- Kim

David's Review for Fairfax Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Michael Chung - Softouch Dental Care"We are thrilled that the Chung's have moved their practice to the Oakton area. The office they have created is welcoming and cozy and they are warm, friendly, kind and caring. When you meet them, you feel as if you had known them for a long time. They go out of their way to make your dental experience a safe, relaxing, positive experience. They focus on what is in our best interest and not just on their own gain. They found dental problems such as cavities hidden under fillings, that other dentists overlooked. They also offer flexible office hours, even on the weekends. They are the best dentists we have experienced and would recommend them highly to anyone we know."

- David, Felicity, Khalan, and Tess

Review for Fairfax Dentist Dr. Michael Chung - Softouch Dental Care"Before attending Dr. Chung's practice, I hated going to the dentist. Now I have no anxiety at all because the team is so comforting and friendly. Dr. Chung is an amazing dentist who explains what he is doing and does whatever he can to make me feel at ease. I recommend Dr. Chung to all of my friends because he and his team make you feel like you are part of their family and care about you, which is so hard to find in any doctor's office."

- Shannon

Maria's Testimonial for Oakton Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Michael Chung - Softouch Dental Care"I had less than a year to get a perfect smile for my wedding. I looked into invisalign and braces, but knew that my teeth wouldn't be picture perfect in such a short time. Luckily, I came across Dr. Chung's magazine; I thought "Since Michael Weiss went to Softouch Dental Care and the smiles in the booklet are beautiful I should try it out too). I went in for a consultation and the rest is history! I can't stop smiling and what's even better is that my teeth and gums are healthy now!"

- Maria