Cosmetic Dentistry for Chipped Teeth

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Chipped Teeth North Virginia DentistryEven when you maintain good oral hygiene, accidents happen. If you were involved in a mishap that left you with a chipped tooth or chipped teeth, you do not have to live with that chip forever. Whether your chip is minor, or you suffered a severe crack that is causing you pain, you should seek the advice of a qualified dentist, like Virginia cosmetic dentist Dr. Chung.

If your tooth has lost part of its original structure or if you have superficial cracks, your tooth may be chipped. Common causes of chipped teeth include:

  • Sports and outdoor activities
  • Workplace accident, such as a fall from heights
  • Motor vehicle accident
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Fights and acts of violence

In many cases, a chipped tooth will not create pain. In other incidents, your chipped tooth can cause discomfort while eating or drinking. Regardless of whether you experience pain, it is essential that you seek dental care so that your affected tooth does not cause future problems.

Northern Virginia cosmetic dentist Dr. Chung offers cosmetic dentistry for chipped teeth and will:

  • Accurately assess your damage visually and through x-rays
  • Determine if your tooth’s root has been affected
  • Give you appropriate treatment options
  • Determine which treatment is best for your situation 

Treatment Options

Depending on your extent of damage, your Vienna cosmetic dentist will recommend one of various treatment options, including:

  • Filing: shaving down the end of your tooth when your chip is minimal.
  • Dental bonding: patching the chipped portion with a tooth-colored composite resin.
  • Porcelain veneers: placing thin shells of porcelain over your natural teeth and bonding them into place to cover the chipped tooth.
  • Inlay: similar to a filling, placed inside your tooth’s cups.
  • Dental crown: placed over the entire chewing surface of a single tooth that is badly cracked or chipped.
  • Onlay: placed on top of your tooth to cover and protect multiple cusps
  • Tooth extraction: If your crack is severe, you may need to have your tooth removed.
  • Dental implant: to replace the root of an extracted tooth, and permanently secure a restoration in the empty space.
  • Dental bridge: another option to replace a missing tooth. A bridge is made up of two crowns attached to the teeth adjacent to your empty space.

Be sure to seek dental care quickly. Perhaps your tooth does not look badly fractured, but it is badly damaged inside. Waiting to address this issue will only create more problems and can lead to future pain and costly treatment. Visiting a Fairfax dentistry office right away will restore and maintain the beauty and health of your smile.

If you are in need of quality cosmetic dentistry for chipped teeth, please contact Softouch Dental Care to schedule your initial cosmetic dentistry consultation with our Vienna cosmetic dentist.

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